One thing I hate about the whole Rule 1: The Doctor Lies bullshit is that it pushes the blame onto the companions for all of the lying that the Doctor does. They have to never trust him and if they do trust him than it’s their fault if something bad happens to them.
(It reminds me of rape culture in a really icky way.)


this makes me feel like vomiting


steven moffat when people criticize his shitty writing 



I’m into fantasy to ESCAPE real life. That’s the point of fantasy: to be fantastical and wonderful and out of this world! But I when I see writers l continuously adhering to patriarchal values and social structures for their made up worlds, that’s not what I call wonderful or out of this world. I call it uncreative and tiresome. Where is the fun in that?



I loved Doctor Who… It’s a shame they cancelled it after Tennant left

yeah now we have to make do with this badly made fanfic copy called Moffat Who

"Say what you will about restrictions on sex and violence in films, censoring movies did have at least one positive effect: It meant that writers and directors had to work harder to keep the audience’s interest. This can be painfully obvious when it comes to female characters. Irene Adler, for example, was a complex, clever antagonist who outsmarted Sherlock Holmes in the 1891 story she appeared in. In the 2012 television adaptation, Irene has morphed into a one-dimensional seductress who first appears on screen in the nude and who flummoxes Sherlock with her boobies. And why not? A good chunk of the viewing audience is going to be satisfied with having a naked lady on the screen, so there’s no need to waste energy giving her a personality. “Your lines? Hell, I don’t know. Just make some grunting noises or something.”"

When Cracked thinks something is up with your portrayal of women, something is definitely up with your portrayal of women. (via yonderdarling)


Someone’s going to have hurting ears the next day…

[Part of the TenToo Adventures series]

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Doctor Who is no longer my fave TV show and you have no idea how sad that makes me


All three of the Punk Doctors, in one convenient Photoset I guess. Also with Eleven re-worked a tiny bit.


what sucks is i don’t even hate clara. she is so boring that i don’t feel anything for her. i would be okay with hating her because it would mean i feel something but she could die in the first episode of series 8 and i wouldn’t feel a thing.